Add your name now to demand Congress #PledgetoImpeach

Members of the 116th Congress

Congress is tasked with defending the Constitution, representing the best interests of the American people, and checking or removing Presidents who undermine democracy.

We the people are calling on members of Congress to do their jobs.

Every day brings new allegations that Trump has broken the law or violated the Constitution. If we don’t check his power and remove him from office, this will become the new normal.

Congress can’t let Trump get away with taking bribes, manipulating our election, trampling on our rights, or intimidating and attacking opponents. In a real democracy, no one is above the law -- including the President. This isn’t a partisan issue, it’s a public safety one.

Please sign the petition to Congress now and join us in building a movement to impeach Trump!


How you can make sure your member of Congress commits to the pledge:
  1. Sign the petition calling on your member of Congress to pledge to impeach.
  2. Find your member of Congress and ask them: “Do you pledge to defend the Constitution and the American People by voting to impeach Trump?”
  3. Post video of your action online with the hashtags #PledgeToImpeach & #DoYourJob116.
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To: Members of the 116th Congress
From: [Your Name]

Please do your job: Defend us from a president who believes he can get away with anything. If the president violates the Constitution, Congress is supposed to defend the American people by impeaching and removing the president from office.

We the people ask you to publicly take the pledge below:

I pledge to defend the Constitution and the American People by voting to impeach President Donald J. Trump.