Approve Federal Maritime Heritage Grant Funding

Members of Congress

The National Maritime Historical Society is pushing to get a new federal appropriation of $10 million per year for the national Maritime Heritage Grant Program. This funding is crucial for the maritime heritage community. Historic ships such as USS Olympia, Star of India, the fishing schooner LA Dunton, the Bugeye Edna Lockwood, and the Liberty ship John W. Brown are just a few examples of the many important vessels from coast to coast that have received vital funding. And the support doesn’t just go to ships—maritime museums, lighthouses, libraries, websites, digitization projects and more have all been funded through this program.

Especially now we need to increase awareness that saving our maritime heritage is a mandate for our society and that funding must be a part of the federal budget. To convince our representatives in Washington, we need to increase our advocacy efforts and for that, we need your help! Our request for $10 million was made to members of the House and Senate. They need to hear from constituents that this is a worthy use of federal dollars.  Join us in this effort by signing the petition and writing to your members of Congress!

To: Members of Congress
From: [Your Name]

I am writing to express my support for an annual appropriation of $10 million to the Department of Transportation, Maritime Administration, to fund the National Maritime Heritage Grant Program, a competitive grant opportunity that requires at least a one-to-one, non-federal funding match, and which benefits maritime communities in our state and nationwide.

Support for the National Maritime Heritage Grants Program is more important than ever to the maritime heritage community, a group of over 1,000 maritime museums and organizations in over 40 states. We are a community committed to increasing public support for America’s maritime heritage. Without reliable sources of funding, these non-profit organizations that maintain historic naval ships, maritime museums, historic lighthouses and other heritage resources are forced to operate under serious financial constraints.

I urge you to include $10 million in the authorization and appropriation bills to support the National Maritime Heritage Grant Program. Thank you for your consideration and effort on behalf of the maritime heritage community.