Stop the Ala Wai Canal Project

The US Army Corps of Engineers


We "OPPOSE" the Ala Wai Canal Project. Our community and residents were not engaged or notified about the elements of the Project which violates the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and the Hawaii Environmental Policy Act (HEPA). The Ala Wai Canal Project includes several upstream detention basins in our valleys and a 4' reinforced concrete wall around portions of the Ala Wai Canal. These concrete structures will be an eye-sore and permanently damage the land views for locals and tourists for generations to come. We are NOT AGAINST flood mitigation or the protection of Waikiki.

The current $345 million plan is designed to protect primarily Waikiki, while leaving other mauka areas unprotected. There is a floodgate alternative that is significantly less costly, less detrimental to the environment, and poses less of a threat to residents. We urge the public to sign this petition to call attention to the USACE and demand a change in current plans.

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About detention basins in the Ala Wai Canal Project:

Detention basins are poor methods for flood protection. Up to 1000 feet of natural stream will be dug up to construct EACH basin. Further dredging behind these dams will increase runoff and become a pit for collecting silt which will pollute the water. The dams are over 150 ft thick, 30-40 ft tall, over a 150 ft wide, and have concrete culverts running through them.

As we all know, these dams and basins will not be properly maintained by the city. Debris from the watershed will wash down and clog the detention basins. Clogging due to poor maintenance can easily cause a basin to overtop and fail during small-rated storms. These detention basins are going to be put near schools and residential areas. Guess who will suffer damaging effects if a detention basin fails?

Residents, landowners, and schools will be directly impacted. Many of these people have only recently become aware of this project. We believe private properties, schools, occupied lands, culturally significant lands, and educational lands should not be used for detention basins. Alternatives, such as the floodgate in the canal along with traditional Hawaiian flood water management systems must be seriously considered before implementing any proposal by the USACE. For more information, visit

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