Tell Amazon: Stop Polluting Our Planet With Plastic Packaging

From polystyrene peanuts to non-recyclable bubble wrap to plastic-wrapped pouches of air, almost every Amazon order arrives wrapped in plastic packaging that is then thrown away or littered.

A recent report by Oceana found that Amazon generated a staggering 599 million pounds of plastic packaging waste in 2020 - a 29% increase over 2019.

They estimate that more than 23.5 million pounds of Amazon's plastic packaging waste is now polluting the world’s oceans and waterways. That's the equivalent of Amazon dumping a delivery van’s worth of plastic into the ocean every 67 minutes!

Amazon claims to be "obsessed" with giving its customers exactly what they want, so it's time for all of us to demand that they make a big change to their packaging practices.

Sign this petition to join Beyond Plastics and other members of the Break Free From Plastic coalition to tell Amazon to STOP polluting our planet with single-use plastic packaging.

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I urge you to stop using all single-use plastic packaging and to offer customers a plastic-free packaging option at check-out by no later than January 2023.