Congressional leaders: Pass the American Families Plan including a comprehensive, permanent paid family and sick leave policy.

U.S. Congress

BREAKING: Something truly huge is happening. On April 28th, President Biden announced his economic recovery package, and it includes a national paid family and medical leave program.

President Biden is calling his bold plan The American Families Plan. In addition to paid leave, it includes universal quality-preschool, two years of paid community college for all Americans (including DREAMers), an expansion of critical nutrition assistance, and an extension of key tax cuts that benefit lower and middle-income workers—key policies to help working families.

Congress has the chance to make sure that nobody in the U.S. has to choose between taking care of their health or their family, and keeping their paycheck. But it will take all of us speaking out loudly to make it happen. Too often, good policies end up on the congressional cutting room floor as a result of compromises and deals. Tell Congress that cannot happen with paid family and sick leave—paid leave must stay in the bill.

Sign the petition and demand that our congressional leaders pass the American Families Plan, including a comprehensive, permanent paid family and sick leave policy.

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To build back better after COVID, we must invest in our country’s most important infrastructure: families. Comprehensive paid family and medical leave will improve the lives of every working person in the U.S.—from new parents and those caring for elderly relatives to those recuperating from surgery or illness. As a country, we can’t afford to miss this opportunity.

Please pass a bold, permanent paid family and sick leave policy as part of the American Families Plan.