Tell the anti-choice right wing that American Jews Believe: Reproductive Rights are Human Rights!

Federal Delegation in Washington D.C.

As Christian supremacists seek to overturn Roe v. Wade and criminalize abortion, it is more important than ever that American Jews declare our belief that reproductive rights are human rights!

Data from the Pew Research Center indicates clearly than an overwhelming majority—83%—of American Jews are pro-choice, and our friends at the National Council of Jewish Women put it best:

Judaism permits abortion. Full stop. The Constitution gives us the right to have abortions. Full stop.

In fact, organizations from many branches of Judaism have vocally defended the right to abortion, including the Society for Humanistic Judaism, Union for Reform Judaism, and Rabbinical Assembly.

But too often, right-wing Christian supremacist organizations attack reproductive rights under the guise of a pluralistic, interfaith movement, using deceptive terms like "Judeo-Christian values" to falsely imply Jewish support for harmful abortion restrictions.

Yet the reality is that when it comes to reproductive rights, too often judicial decisions are being based on one religion’s views over others, and that is a breach of our First Amendment rights to not have our government preference one religion over other religions or no religion.

Sign our petition to join us in declaring that reproductive rights are human rights, that American Jews unequivocally support abortion access, and that basing governmental policy on a Christian-fundamentalist approach is unconstitutional!

To: Federal Delegation in Washington D.C.
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We, American Jews who are overwhelmingly pro-choice, declare our support for abortion access and our fervent opposition to unconstitutional biases favoring Christian fundamentalism through escalating attacks on Roe v. Wade and reproductive rights.