An end to Veteran homelessness

Ways and Means / Veteran's Affairs - committee members

VA Loans
The Veteran community has enjoyed the benefits of VA Loans for many years. Any active or honorably discharged Veteran can take advantage of this type of real estate loan. Its advantages include no down payment and no additional mortgage insurance saving thousands of dollars up front and hundreds every month.

Existing Cost
The only additional expense is a mandated Funding Fee. It generally runs $7,000-13,000 depending on variables like loan amount and how many times the certification had been used. This fee is added in such a way that it doesn’t affect the Veteran’s ability to qualify for a loan and is paid out over the life of the loan.

Our Solution
There were over 700,000 VA Loans taken out last year and the number has been growing steadily. We propose that the Veteran community agree to add $1,000 to the existing VA Funding Fee. It would be paid over the term of the loan, similar to the existing VA Loan Funding Fee, but dedicated exclusively to homeless Veterans,

in a single year, it would generate over $700 Million dollars. This money would allow us to purchase enough homes, real single family residences, to accommodate every homeless Veteran in America! No more homeless Veterans in our nation, ever again. At a cost of less than $1 per week to a Veteran that gets a VA Loan.

Ending Veteran Homelessness, forever!
The plan is simple, costs the government and general public nothing and will support itself indefinitely. In just one year we can end the issue of Veteran homelessness in this nation. To make this happen we need two things; someone on the Ways and Means or Veteran Affairs committees to submit our proposal, and the willingness of the Veteran community to add an additional $4 per month to a VA loan, assuring their extended family the same piece of the American Dream that they are fortunate enough to enjoy.

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Veteran Housing initiative
San Diego, California

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We, the undersigned United States Veterans, in appreciation for the gift of VA Loans that have been granted us for our service to this great nation, would like to give something back to help our own.

We agree to have an additional $1,000 fee added to the existing VA Funding Fee. Such funds to be allocated exclusively to Veteran Housing initiative’s plan to purchase homes, making them available to our homeless Veterans. No one who served our nation should be left to live on its streets.