Apologize to President Obama

Donald Trump

Contrary to Donald Trump's over-the-top claims, the Senate Intelligence Committee has just concluded that  Trump was not wiretapped by President Obama. Trump owes Barack Obama an apology. Add your name on this page if you agree.

UPDATE: The Trump White House today accused British intelligence of spying on Trump on behalf of Obama. Unbelievable.

Here's the earlier statement from the Senate Intelligence Committee:

As a reporter just said on CNN, "it's just not okay."

It's time for Donald Trump to apologize to President Obama, and to the American people, for his outrageous, unpresidential, and un-American behavior.

Please join us in adding your name, and demanding that Donald Trump apologize.

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John Aravosis
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You attacked President Obama and accused him of a heinous crime, knowing full well there was no evidence to back you up. You lied. And now you owe President Obama and the American people an apology.