At-home rapid tests for COVID-19 should be free for everyone. Period.

President Biden

President Biden has proposed a new winter COVID-19 plan. Part of that would require insurance reimbursement for at-home rapid tests.

While it’s encouraging that people with no insurance will also be able to pick up free tests at some locations, it’s not enough.

Americans shouldn’t be forced to navigate the broken maze of health care reimbursement bureaucracy. This red tape will prevent people from getting the tests they need to keep themselves and their families safe this winter.

If President Biden really wants at-home rapid tests to be free, he should make them free for everyone.

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If you really want at-home rapid tests for COVID-19 to be free, make them free for everyone. To reduce the spread of COVID-19 this winter, all Americans must be able to take at-home rapid tests whenever they need them.