Augie’s Coffee: Re-Hire Workers and Recognize the Union

Andy and Austin Amento, Owners of Augie's Coffee

Sign this petition to demand that Augie’s Union be recognized and all laid off workers be re-hired.

During the COVID-19 pandemic workers at Augie’s Coffee risked our own safety to keep the company open. Management was slow to institute safety measures to protect workers. Certain workers voluntarily stayed home to stay safe, but when they attempted to return to their jobs, they were told there was no room for them in the schedule. Some workers have received no communication from management informing them that they have been, in effect, fired for trying to stay safe during the pandemic.

After months of unsuccessfully attempting to resolve these issues, workers at Augie’s Coffee decided to form a union to ensure that our voices would be heard. We offered Augie’s owners the opportunity to engage in constructive dialogue with the goal of arriving at positive solutions for both employees and the business as a whole.

Instead, the owners of Augie’s laid off the entire staff at all five locations without notice. While the owners claim the closings are due to the pandemic, the reality is that business was better than it had been in months and the company had recently received federal funds via the Paycheck Protection Program.

We are fighting back and asking for your support. We are demanding that Augie's agree that all employees will be re-hired when stores re-open, and that Augie’s recognize their union so that this agreement is enforceable.

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To: Andy and Austin Amento, Owners of Augie's Coffee
From: [Your Name]

We want you to know how deeply disappointed we are to learn that you have laid off your entire staff just after they formed a union. Your employees have risked their own safety by working during this pandemic without adequate safety protections. To repay their sacrifice by throwing them out on the street - while using the pandemic as a pretext - is disgraceful.

We demand that you recognize Augie's Union and commit to re-hire your staff. We love Augie’s and the mothers, fathers, students, and workers that make up its workforce. We will continue to stand with them until justice is won.