Ban Corporate AI Profiteering

Members of Congress

On October 2, 2023, artists and fans are calling on the US Congress to ban large corporations from getting copyrights on art made with AI. We demand a country where actual human actors, writers, musicians, designers, journalists, and artists of all mediums have the tools and rights they need to survive and thrive.

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I’m writing today in support of US-based and international artists of all mediums, who all deserve to make a healthy living with their art. As Congress moves forward to regulate generative AI, it is very important to me that the interests and rights of human artists are put at the center of your decision-making. I call on you to make a better world of more artistic diversity and rights for actual human artists by passing a law to block large corporations from getting copyrights for works that include significant AI-enabled elements.

If copyright is granted to corporate non-human creations it will not only put people out of work, but it will also enable the biggest and most dominant corporations and platforms to reinforce and further consolidate their power.