Ban Facial Recognition in Stores


Imagine a store showing you targeted advertising based on the products you look at but never buy — or even personalized pricing based on a perception of your income once they’ve identified you. Or a store scanning the faces of everyone approaching the building, barring anyone with a criminal record from entering. These nightmare scenarios are terrifying precisely because they are so plausible.

Your face should not be scanned, stored, or sold just because you walk into or work at a store. Retailers justify using facial recognition to protect and predict their profits, but this technology puts workers in danger, exacerbates bias, and amasses personal data. Retailers across the country that are exploring this invasive technology should know that prioritizing profit over privacy is wrong.

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To: Retailers
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Facial recognition technology is biased, invasive, and dangerous. I don't want to shop anywhere that's using it. I urge retailers using facial recognition in their stores to stop immediately in order to protect the privacy and rights of shoppers and staff. I urge my representatives to pass legislation that bans stores and other corporations from using retail surveillance data to profile the public. Finally, I encourage retailers not using facial recognition to promote their decision and collaborate with consumers and legislators to stop the use of facial recognition in all stores.