PETITION: Ban slumlords - citywide landlord licensing NOW!

Sheffield City Council

Sheffield's private rented market leaves tenants exposed to cowboy landlords and insecurity.  The council has introduced selective licensing in some areas to protect tenants - but the problem covers the whole city of Sheffield. ACORN, the community union, is demanding that the scheme is expanded to protect tenants across the entire city.

In 2016, Sheffield council responded to complaints from tenants in Abbeydale Road by investigating properties in the area. They were shocked by what they found. According to the Sheffield Star, 75 per cent of privately rented properties in the area had 'high risk hazards'.

Buckets in place of toilets, damp and mould growing in bedrooms, and broken windows repaired with cardboard were routine conditions for private tenants.

In response to the investigation, ACORN launched a campaign for selective licensing. Despite threats of violence from landlords, we successfully pushed the council to adopt selective licensing to 600 homes in the area.

And it’s not the first time the council have had to introduce landlord licensing, either. Since 2014, a similar scheme has covered 300 homes in Page Hall, leading to over £1 million in repairs.

Selective licensing means that landlords have to get a license from the council to let properties in the area. This lets the council make sure that properties are safe, and that tenants are not being illegally evicted.

But pockets of selective licensing are not enough. Sheffield is now the ‘low pay capital’ of Britain and property speculation is pushing up the price of housing.

Currently, just one in every 40 private renters are protected by landlord licensing in Sheffield, whilst one in three rented homes fail the decent homes standard.

We already know that mandatory landlord licensing can work. Since Newham introduced its own scheme, the council has intervened in the cases of almost 3,000 unsafe properties. Newham has set an example: dozens of other councils have now introduced landlord licensing.

Now it’s time for Sheffield City Council to follow Newham’s example. Rogue landlords are a problem for the whole city - we need landlord licensing for everyone! Sign and share this petition today to gain secure housing for the people of Sheffield. Housing is a human right!

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Ban slumlords - bring in citywide landlord licensing in Sheffield now!