Ban the Box in Dallas

Dallas City Council


It is well established that the path to stability for the formerly incarcerated is through employment, yet studies show that simply asking “Have You Been Convicted of a Felony?” is a major barrier on two levels. First, it sends a message to the applicant that it is hopeless to apply; second, it allows employers to scrap an application without so much as an interview. Studies have proven this to be true.

A famous Milwaukee study found that Caucasian applicants received callbacks 35% of the time, but only 17% with a felony record. African-American applicants went from 15% to 4%, respectively. If only 4 out of 100 African-American Rhode Islanders with a felony can even get an interview, it is clear that the chances of honest employment are slim.

Roughly 25% of Americans have a criminal record, and around 1,000 people per month are released from incarceration back to Dallas. 

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Josh Gravens
Dallas, Texas
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Dallas, TX

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Across this city, many people struggle to find work and employment. They want to work, they just can't find a place that will give them a chance.

These Dallas citizens live day to day with criminal records. They have families dependent on them, and as they look to become fully participating citizens, one things keeps them down.

The question on a job application asking if they have criminal convictions.

This question has to go. Please Ban the Box in Dallas.

Thank you.