TELL EPA: Ban Toxic Vinyl Chloride

Michal Freedhoff, U.S. EPA Assistant Administrator

Urge the EPA to Ban Toxic Vinyl Chloride

It's time for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to ban vinyl chloride. Five of the train cars that derailed in East Palestine, Ohio on February 3, 2023, were carrying this chemical which is a known human carcinogen. Vinyl chloride is used to make polyvinyl chloride plastic, also known as PVC plastic or vinyl.

Vinyl chloride is manufactured in low-income communities and communities of color in Louisiana, Texas, and Kentucky, where it threatens the health of local residents - a clear violation of environmental justice. Although PVC is currently used to make everything from the iconic rubber ducky and other children's and pet toys to pipes, floor coverings, car parts, shower curtains, raincoats, and vinyl siding, there are safer alternatives available.

The time has come for the U.S. to ban toxic vinyl chloride. Please join us in urging the EPA to take the critical first step in banning this toxic chemical before any more harm is done to communities like East Palestine, Ohio.

To: Michal Freedhoff, U.S. EPA Assistant Administrator
From: [Your Name]

Dear Assistant Administrator Freedhoff,

We urge you to take the first step in the process required under the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) to ban vinyl chloride and propose prioritizing this toxic material for risk evaluation immediately.

Vinyl chloride, the building block of PVC plastic, is a known human carcinogen. Burning vinyl chloride may create and release dioxins. These persistent organic pollutants can cause cancer and disrupt the hormonal, reproductive, developmental, and immune systems. In 1974, the Consumer Product Safety Commission banned its use as an aerosol in consumer products, and the Food and Drug Administration banned its use in cosmetics.

Vinyl chloride is also often produced in low-income communities and communities of color — a major environmental justice concern.

We do not want to see another East Palestine toxic train disaster occur. It is within your authority to act and we are counting on you to protect public health and the environment. Thank you.