BIDEN: Do something about Health Care

President Biden

We are living in the middle of multiple health crises, including COVID, monkeypox, and polio. We're also in the middle of losing reproductive rights for people who identify as women, who are also the ones most likely to work in jobs without paid sick leave and/or hold caring duties at home. And the lack of health care for all means that over the past year, Americans are drowning in billions in health care debt. These struggles are connected. People are dying because they can't afford care, and they can't wait for Congress. Biden needs to take action for all of us.

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Millions of people are drowning in medical debt, and it's clear our health care system is broken. Our health system includes issues like access to care and reproductive rights, as well as the right to paid sick leave. I'm asking you to cancel medical debt, use your executive authority to expand health care, codify the right to an abortion, and fight for paid sick leave. And push Congress to pass Medicare for All, so families and communities are safe.