Boeing Arms Genocide: Sign to Demand Boeing Out of Chicago

Mayor Lori Lightfoot, City of Chicago

While most people know Boeing as the company that makes airplanes, Boeing is also one of the world’s largest weapons manufacturers and war profiteering companies. They produce and sell bombs, missiles, helicopters and other technologies of war to militaries, making almost $100 billion of profit from war and militarized violence every year. As Chicagoans, we demand that our tax dollars no longer fund genocide in Yemen, Lebanon, Palestine, and other countries impacted by wars that Boeing profits from.

We demand that the City of Chicago cancels its contract with Boeing as a step towards divesting from the war industry. The City of Chicago has a social responsibility to immediately end it's relationship with a company profiting from genocide and ethic cleansing. The City of Chicago is complicit in this mass violence and must cut it's ties immediately.

Since 2001, the City of Chicago has provided Boeing with nearly $60 million in tax subsidies in order to keep it's headquarters here. This is reflective of the city's extensive history of funding policing and militarization rather than investing in building safe communities. As long as Boeing receives tax incentives, the city is using our tax dollars to fund genocide and death. We demand that this changes immediately, and the city refuses to spend another penny supporting Boeing and the war industry. These resources should be used to fund life-affirming services - such as education, housing, healthcare, pandemic relief, small business grants, clean energy, restorative justice practices, etc.

We demand that no more taxpayer dollars are spent on ensuring that the Boeing Headquarters remains in operation in the City of Chicago. This is one local step in our longer fight to end weapons manufacturing and war profiteering globally. Join us in calling on the City of Chicago to immediately end its relationship with Boeing by signing here.

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We urge the City of Chicago to immediately end its relationship and contract with the Boeing Company, a corporation that is arming and profiting from militarized oppression both domestic and abroad.