BOYCOTT the SOTU — Boycott the Trumpublican Celebration

Democrats in Congress


   We are standing together to boycott watching or listening to the Trump State of the Union address on January 30, 2018.  Donald Trump has disrespected the Constitution and laws of the United States, and his bully-behavior threatens all who hunger for justice and common decency.  His lies are so numerous that any comments he might offer would undoubtedly be filled with untruths and outright misinformation.  We will not lend our attention to this farce.

   In addition to refusing to watch or listen to the Trump remarks, we want to commend Democrats for their efforts to show unity by wearing black to the SOTU.  We are asking them to stand with us by either not attending the speech in the House chambers or by walking out as soon as Trump is introduced.  

   We stand in solidarity with all who still believe we cannot and must not abandon our core American values of equality and justice for all.  #BOYCOTTSOTU

Petition by
Donna Smith
Denver, Colorado

To: Democrats in Congress
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Progressive Democrats of America is urging all progressives and Democrats in Congress to boycott Trumps’s State of the Union address. No one measures ratings and audience size more than Trump does, and we do not want to reinforce his dishonest and divisive behavior by participating in this event.

Do not watch on television, do not listen on radio, do not link to a livestream. If you are slated to attend, walk out. Trump has disrespected us all with his antics unbecoming to our nation and the presidency. We are under no obligation to be a part of his deception. The Republicans who have given their support to him unconditionally have contributed to this divisiveness and the damage to so many communities.

We ask all to #BOYCOTTSOTU