Housing For All (Gallatin County & Bozeman Residents for Public Housing)

Citizens of City of Bozeman/Gallatin County

Housing Campaign

The private sector has failed to find a solution to the housing crisis for 50+ years! It's time for a permanent solution, it's time for public housing!

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Bozeman, MT

To: Citizens of City of Bozeman/Gallatin County
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On behalf of renters, workers, and all the others who you may know in the community that have fallen on the wrong side of the existing housing crisis, we urge you to support this petition and become a vocal and active champion in the campaign to establish a City or County appointed Housing Authority and the development of Public Housing.

For 50+ years, private developers have made it clear that their definition of an "affordable Gallatin Valley," includes sky rocketing rents and astronomical housing prices. In short, not affordable or attainable for the many.

We believe its time for public housing to be built and run through democratic means, centered around the principle that housing is human right, not a privilege.