Bring Dignity and Justice to BRIA of Forest Edge Nursing Home

BRIA Health Services

The residents and employees at BRIA of Forest Edge Nursing Home need our help!

Conditions are deteriorating at BRIA of Forest Edge. Residents are being forced to deal with the following issues:

  • Damages to the facility including bathrooms, showers, kitchen and food prep areas
  • Linens being rationed
  • Meager meals/Food rationing
  • Unpaid wages to employees
  • Decreased activities budget

Please join us in demanding that BRIA address the above issues by doing the following immediately:

  • Repair damages to facility
  • Give residents full access to linens
  • Cease food rationing and upgrade meal plan to an adequate level
  • Pay back wages to employees
  • Increase activities budget

To: BRIA Health Services
From: [Your Name]

I support the residents and employees of BRIA of Forest Edge. We demand that your institution immediately do the following:

- Cease food and linen rationing by providing full access to linens and upgrading your meal plan for BRIA of Forest Edge

- Pay unpaid wages to employees

- Repair damages to facility

- Increase activity budget