Board of Parole Hearings/Governor Newsom


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Petition by
Mary Moreno
Los Angeles, California

To: Board of Parole Hearings/Governor Newsom
From: [Your Name]

On July 30th, 2020, Paul Moreno attended his Initial Youth Offenders Board of Parole Hearing (through video conference), after 20 years of incarceration. Paul qualified through SB 260, because he was young, and under the age of 25 when he committed the offense that led to his incarceration. Paul has demonstrated growth, maturity, remorse, and insight, and takes full responsibility for his offense, and actions. He has gained insight on what led him to his life of crime. Paul has also taken advantage of every opportunities granted to him, to better himself. The first 14 years were rough. Paul spend most of those years at Folsom State Prison, a maximum security level 4 prison, were little to no programs was available, for "Lifer's" like himself (Lifer, a person serving a set amount of years with added life, such as 25 to life in Paul's case). Paul entered prison with a 7th grade education, and was able to complete his GED in prison. In less than 5 years, Paul achieved dropping enough points to qualify for transfer to a level 3 Prison, and in two years he qualified to be moved to a level 2 where he is currently housed. Those last 5 years was were Paul had the most opportunity to program and participated in several self help groups, and education. Being in a lower level prison, was what made the difference and allowed for him to participate in these programs. Paul has participated in Breaking Barriers, Lifer's Group, Alternative to Violence, Addiction Counseling Program, AA, Victim Impact, Criminals and Gang-members Anonymous, to name a few. He also received a Computer Related Certificate, Masonry Certificate, Auto Mechanics Certificate, and a paralegal Diploma. Paul has worked hard on himself, and on making amends. Only to have been denied 5 years by the board of parole hearings. Paul is not the same person he was 20 years ago, he is not the same person he was 5, or even 3 years ago. He works on being better every single day, as he has expressed, "He owes it to his victim's, to be a better person each day, and it is part of healing." This petition is created with the intention that the Board realizes the Denial Decision is a mistake, and that Paul posses no current unreasonable risk to public safety. On the contrary Paul is the one at current risk, due to him testing positive for Covid 19, on August 29th, 2020, and is currently housed in the gym under quarantine. We do not know what side affects this horrid decease will have on him, and his body, and he needs proper medical care. For this and all the reasons above we ask that the board conduct a full review and reconsider the decision made. We respectfully ask you grant Paul the opportunity he deserves to come home. As family, and members of the community we are ready to welcome Paul into the community, and would gladly accept him as a neighbor, as a friend, and offer our support with his reintegration into society. Based on mitigating factors that Paul does not pose a current unreasonable risk, neither is a treat to public safety we ask that you reconsider the decision. Thank you for your consideration.