BU Student Support Letter for Adjunct Union

Boston University President Robert Brown and Provost Jean Morrison


Boston University adjunct faculty are forming a union. They are coming together for fair pay, access to benefits, job security and better working conditions -- which are our learning conditions. This letter to the BU administration is a show of support from students for the part-time faculty who contribute so much to our BU experience.

Sign the petition below and support the right of contingent faculty at Boston University to form a union.**

Petition by
Declan Bowman, ENG '15
Brooklyn, New York

To: Boston University President Robert Brown and Provost Jean Morrison
From: [Your Name]

Dear President Brown and Provost Morrison:

We are writing to you about the ongoing adjunct faculty organizing drive with SEIU/Adjunct Action.

We greatly appreciate the contributions of our adjunct faculty to teaching and learning at Boston University. We respect and admire their professionalism, expertise and willingness to connect with us. We know that their commitment to the students and to our school means that they often do much more than the job requires.

We also recognize that they currently do this work for very low wages, without benefits, and without any assurance that they will have work from semester to semester. We believe that Boston University can do better than this, and that our adjunct faculty deserve it.

As students who have cultivated relationships with adjunct faculty members and learned much from them, we believe that they should be treated with respect by our own administration. We strongly support the current adjunct faculty initiative to form a union and engage in collective bargaining. The collective voice of our adjunct faculty, expressed through an adjunct faculty union, will enable them to improve their working conditions, which are our learning conditions.

For all these reasons, we support the formation of a union of adjunct faculty members at Boston University. We firmly believe that a legitimate negotiation forum for adjunct faculty members will contribute to making Boston University a better institution for all of us. We call on you, the leaders of our university, to foster an environment in which our adjunct faculty can decide for themselves, without any interference from their administration or outside parties, whether to form a union. The freedom to organize on the job is a fundamental right in this country. We hope Boston University will use this opportunity to show leadership in defending this right on behalf of our adjunct faculty.

Boston University Students in Solidarity with Adjuncts

**This is a public petition that will be published in the Daily Free Press and distributed throughout the BU campus. For more information about Boston University adjunct faculty's campaign to form a union, visit http://www.buadjuncts.org.