Buffalo Supports Single Payer or Bust!

Senators Sean Ryan & Tim Kennedy, Assemblymembers Jonathan Rivera, Crystal Peoples-Stokes, Monica Wallace, Bill Conrad, Karen McMahon, & Patrick Burke

Why is this urgent RIGHT NOW?

The New York State Legislature has the votes to pass the New York Health Act - however, they refused to bring the act to a vote last session.  This absolutely cannot happen again in 2022.

While the legislature is delaying the act's passage, a million New Yorkers remain uninsured and over half can't afford care.

We need to show our representatives that we won't stand for them delaying universal healthcare again.  The health insurance companies in New York State are getting rich while we get sick.  

Show our representatives that they need to listen to their constituents rather than health insurance lobbyists!

Sign on to this pledge to prove to both the holdouts and supporters that there is a mass movement behind single payer healthcare in New York State and we will accept nothing less!

How else can I help?

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To: Senators Sean Ryan & Tim Kennedy, Assemblymembers Jonathan Rivera, Crystal Peoples-Stokes, Monica Wallace, Bill Conrad, Karen McMahon, & Patrick Burke
From: [Your Name]

Last session, the New York Legislature allowed the opportunity to pass universal, single payer healthcare to slip away. This is completely unacceptable for the working people you represent.

Our healthcare system makes individuals and families entirely dependent on our employers. The truth is, we deserve high-quality guaranteed healthcare no matter where we work.

During COVID, health insurance companies have raked in record profits while New Yorkers struggle with unaffordable or lost healthcare. The New York Health Act is legislation for statewide, universal single-payer healthcare. It is a vital issue for the working class that this legislation pass this session.

For example, CEOs of the 3 biggest “non-profit” health insurance companies in Buffalo are paid a shocking amount compared to the healthcare and social workers who actually heal us:
Christopher Booth (Excellus): $4.5 million, and Jim Reed (Excellus): $1.8 million
David W Anderson (HighMark): $2.8 million
Michael Cropp (Independent Health): $1.9 million

Anderson, whose corporation just renamed our Bills stadium, makes more money in 4 days ($43,397) than the average Buffalo family makes in a year ($37,359).

We cannot in good conscience tolerate this profiteering in our healthcare system, compared to what the working class deserves: a universal, publicly-financed healthcare system providing comprehensive coverage and care for every resident and worker in NY.

I am asking for you to show leadership on this vital issue and get behind the demand to pass the New York Health Act. Become a cosponsor, and urgently caucus with other cosponsors who champion the legislation, such as Assemblymember Zohran Mamdani and Senator Jabari Brisport, to bring this to a floor vote this year.

MY PLEDGE: As a strong believer that single-payer healthcare is an urgent necessity, I pledge to only support candidates who support the New York Health Act.

If you choose not to actively push this act through committee and bring it to a vote, I will withdraw my support from you and refuse to vote or donate to you.

Thank you for your attention to this vital issue.