Campus Safety Now! Inside Locking Doors...and a Seat at the Table

President Drake, Office of the President, University of California

In the last year, there have been several instances of gun violence and threats of gun violence on UC campuses. Two such threats happened in the last week, with a several hour lock down at UC Berkeley.  

Sadly, these will not be the last incidents of gun violence impacting a UC campuses. There should be no higher priority for the UC system than doing everything in its power to ensure the safety of those who work, live and learn on its campuses.

We call on the University to take action to protect its campus communities.

In our last round of contract negotiations, UC-AFT proposals included demands for fundamental safety protections such as office and classroom doors that lock from the inside. The University rejected these proposals again and again, and ultimately refused to include such basic protections in our contract.

We believe that we, our colleagues, and our students deserve protection now. We cannot wait until the next incident to take action.

Please join us in demanding basic safety protections in our offices and classrooms.

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To: President Drake, Office of the President, University of California
From: [Your Name]

Dear President Drake,

We, the signers of this petition, demand immediate action from your office to protect the employees and students of the University of California from future acts of gun violence.

Specifically, we demand the following:

That all classrooms and offices accessible to the general public have doors that lock from the inside or an equivalent door blocking mechanism that can be quickly deployed in an emergency situation.

That teaching faculty in Unit 18 and librarians in Unit 17 be invited to participate equally in campus safety initiatives with full participation on committees.

We call on you to announce a commitment of statewide funds and resources to support campus safety initiatives, specifically including office and classroom doors that can be locked from the inside.