Cancel Trump’s Immigration Policies

DHS Secretary Mayorkas

Joe Biden promised his administration would end Trump’s reign of terror against immigrants. He promised to make the immigration system “fair and humane.”

The scarring images we saw last week showed the truth about these broken promises. From violently deporting refugees at the border to keeping ICE in our communities, Biden’s presidency has been a continuation of Trump’s policy on immigration.

It has to stop. We have to stop it.

DHS Secretary Mayorkas oversees Border Patrol and ICE. He’s the one with the power to reverse these Trump policies, and stop enforcing Trump’s immigration agenda.

So we’re calling on Mayorkas to keep the promises that were made, and do two things: cancel Trump’s border policy, and cancel Trump’s ICE contracts.

Cancel Trump’s Border Policy: End the enforcement of Trump’s “Title 42” policy, which is being used to deport refugees, denying them their right to seek asylum. Learn more & support Haitian refugees as they risk their lives to find safety in the U.S.

Cancel Trump’s ICE contracts: Cancel the contracts Trump signed between ICE and police departments across the country, turning every traffic stop into a potential deportation. Learn more.

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To: DHS Secretary Mayorkas
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To DHS Secretary Mayorkas,

As you know, millions of immigrants wake up every day fearing that a simple traffic stop could mean they are torn from their family, thrown in a cell, and deported to a country that is not their home. The Biden administration promised to change that reality, including a commitment to cancel all the ICE contracts Trump signed with police and sheriffs across the country. But so far your words have not translated into action.

Voters put the Biden administration in office to end Trump’s abusive practices, not to further entrench them. We demand you use your legal authority to keep this promise and immediately:
(1) Cancel all of Trump's ICE contracts.
(2) End the 287(g) program he used to create them.