Cancel Trump's ICE Contracts

DHS Secretary Mayorkas

Trump signed hundreds of ICE contracts, turning local police into extensions of ICE.

The Biden administration promised to cancel all of Trump's ICE contracts. But so far they've only canceled one, leaving 115 in place; 115 police departments helping ICE terrorize immigrants.

Join us in calling on DHS Secretary Mayorkas to keep the promise, cancel Trump’s ICE contracts immediately, and end the program Trump used to create them.

The Problem: Imagine if a single traffic stop could lead to being ripped away from your family, thrown in a cell, and then deported to a country that isn’t your home. For millions of immigrants, this isn’t something to imagine; it’s everyday life. And that’s especially true in the places where local police are working for ICE, helping them hunt down and deport our neighbors.

The Contracts: The Trump administration signed hundreds of contracts with local police departments and sheriffs, giving them the power to act as extensions of ICE. These contracts, called 287(g) agreements, give police legal authority they wouldn’t otherwise have: they can investigate the immigration status of people they encounter, look them up in ICE databases, and turn them over to ICE to be deported. These contracts give more power to police departments to profile and target people of color, deepening the connections between the fundamentally racist systems of deportation and criminal injustice.

The Promise: The words are still there, on “As President, Biden will end all the [ICE] agreements entered into by the Trump Administration.”

The Reality: Biden’s DHS Secretary Ali Mayorkas has the power to cancel any ICE contract at any time, and end the 287(g) program entirely. But Mayorkas has only chosen to cancel *1* of Trump’s 116 ICE contracts. Once again the Biden administration is frozen, too afraid of Republican backlash and "Fox News having a field day" to follow through on their promises.

The Solution: You! When it comes to immigration, the Biden administration has bowed to public pressure again and again. Right now, most of what they’re hearing is right-wing fear-mongering; it’s up to all of us to change that. It's time to turn up the volume, push DHS Secretary Mayorkas to keep the promise to cancel Trump’s ICE contracts, and send a clear message to the Biden administration: dismantling the deportation machine isn’t optional.

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To DHS Secretary Mayorkas,

As you know, millions of immigrants wake up every day fearing that a simple traffic stop could mean they are torn from their family, thrown in a cell, and deported to a country that is not their home. The Biden administration promised to change that reality, including a commitment to cancel all the ICE contracts Trump signed with police and sheriffs across the country. But so far your words have not translated into action.

Voters put the Biden administration in office to end Trump’s abusive practices, not to further entrench them. We demand you use your legal authority to keep this promise and immediately:
(1) Cancel all of Trump's ICE contracts.
(2) End the 287(g) program he used to create them.