Tell Cascades Containerboard’s CEO that Machinists Union Members Deserve a First Contract

Mario Plourde, Cascades Containerboard President and Chief Executive Officer

More than 100 workers at Cascades Containerboard voted to join the Machinists Union in April 2019, and have been attempting to bargain for a fair contract for more than two years. Working conditions at the facility are key issues for Cascades employees.

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To: Mario Plourde, Cascades Containerboard President and Chief Executive Officer
From: [Your Name]

I am writing to express my concern that Cascades Containerboard workers have been denied the opportunity for a first contract at the Niagara Falls, NY plant.

The National Labor Relations Board certified the vote by Cascades workers to join the IAM more than two years ago. It is highly unusual for companies to delay bargaining to this extent after workers organize with a union.

Workers at Cascades deserve a fair contract now. Your company’s commitment to human rights policy, in which you clearly recognize employees’ right to collective bargain, should be honored.

Working conditions at the facility were key issues for Cascades employees who had to:
· Withstand an aggressive anti-union campaign put on by your company;
· Endure permanent sub-contracting of their work, resulting in layoffs; and
· See their bonuses drastically reduced.

Despite this, your workforce remained dedicated to their jobs and assured the delivery of quality products to your customers.
Cascades workers deserve to be treated with respect and fairness, whether from Québec, New York state, or elsewhere.

We call on you to instruct your bargaining team at this facility to bargain in good faith and immediately negotiate a first contract with Cascades workers at your Niagara Falls, NY plant.