Draft Sonia Chang-Díaz for Governor

Sonia Chang-Díaz

Senator Sonia Chang-Díaz has a long-standing record of winning progressive change for Massachusetts. With over a decade as a fierce legislator and advocate in the Massachusetts Senate, Sonia Chang-Díaz has shown an unwavering commitment to racial and economic justice.

From winning equitable education funding, to advancing criminal justice reform, to protecting LGBTQ rights, Sonia Chang-Díaz has proved time and time again that she delivers on her promises to promote equity and opportunity for all of us across Massachusetts.

Massachusetts is facing a major crisis, as working families across the Commonwealth struggle to recover from the devastating effects of COVID-19. Now, more than ever, Massachusetts needs a governor who understands the severity of these issues and sees the urgent need to deliver both immediate relief and lasting change.

In this critical time, Massachusetts needs a governor like Sonia Chang-Díaz to lead a movement of progressive change from the corner office, fighting for justice and equity across the Commonwealth.

Will you tell Sonia Chang-Díaz she’ll have your support if she runs for governor?

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Senator Chang-Díaz, Massachusetts needs a progressive leader with your values, drive, and commitment. If you run for governor of Massachusetts, you’ll have my support.