Chancellor Khosla: Support UCSD K6 Teamsters NOW!

Pradeep Khosla, UCSD Chancellor

Teamsters Skilled Trades essential workers at UCSD have been waiting for a second wage proposal from UCSD since April 28, 2022. Our Union has filed an Unfair Labor Practice complaint, but we workers are still without a new contract, AND still without raises during a time of the highest inflation of our lifetimes.

The UCSD management team says they cannot make an economic proposal without Chancellor Khosla’s input—but Khosla is “not available.”

Where is Chancellor Khosla and why is he unable to do the business of the University?

Please sign our petition demanding that Chancellor Khosla give immediate input and direction to his contract negotiations team so that they can again negotiate wages and raises with our Teamsters Local 2010 Bargaining Team.

Petition by
Teamsters Local 2010
Oakland, California

To: Pradeep Khosla, UCSD Chancellor
From: [Your Name]

Where are you, Chancellor Khosla? We need you back at UCSD for Union negotiations!

The workers of the Teamsters Skilled Trades unit at UCSD need your support on an urgent issue. Our Union has been negotiating a new contract with UCSD since August 2021. The UCSD Labor Management Team and the Teamsters 2010 Bargaining Team has had very productive negotiation sessions until now. But it has been over a month since Teamsters has received a wage proposal from UCSD.

Skilled Trades members have worked through the pandemic, putting their lives and the lives of their families at risk to meet the needs of the University for more than two years.

Skilled Trades workers are in dire straits as we are faced with record inflation and spiking costs for gasoline, food and housing. We are at serious risk of not receiving our regular yearly wage increase at the time we need it most. A contract must be agreed to as soon as possible.

Teamsters Skilled Trades have demonstrated a high level of commitment to the University and now we demand that the Chancellor of UCSD, Pradeep Khosla, support the Skilled Trades by bringing fair, equitable and respectful wage proposals back to the negotiating table in a timely manner. Help us make UCSD strong.