The U.S. State Department

The Trump Administration just rolled out a new policy from the State Department requiring virtually all applicants for visas to the United States to provide information about social media usernames and email addresses they have used during the past five years―creating a potentially chilling effect on free speech throughout the world. This expansion of an existing, but more limited, policy is unlikely to provide any real security benefit and instead conjures up the way authoritarian governments seek to limit the free exchange of ideas.

This new, broad requirement may well chill a wide range of online speech, not only from those seeking entry to the United States, but from the people they engage with online, potentially including U.S. citizens.

Sign the petition demanding that the U.S. State Department immediately abandon this new policy, which could result in self-censorship of online expression and risks restricting international exchange.

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The Trump Administration’s new policy of collecting social media and email account information from visa applicants poses a threat to free speech rights of those applicants and anyone they may engage with online, including potentially U.S. citizens. Instead of suppressing online expression, the United States should seek opportunities to support free speech around the world. We demand that the U.S. State Department abandon its new policy and respect the free speech rights of all, at home and abroad.