City Schools of Decatur: We Need to Take Climate Action

City of Decatur School Board

City Schools of Decatur is building its new 5 year strategic plan. Now is the time to ask them for a climate and energy action plan! Please read and sign the petition. Add more punch by adding your address and comments!
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We can create a better tomorrow for all of our kids in the City Schools of Decatur by making the air they breathe cleaner RIGHT NOW and the climate healthier for them in their future.

Scientists have made it clear that we must act now to transition off of fossil fuels as quickly as possible. As City Schools of Decatur creates its Strategic Plan for the next 5 years, we ask you to follow the City of Decatur’s lead and make a clean energy and climate action plan. We ask that you develop a plan by August 2023 that will:

1. Transition our dirty fossil fueled bus fleets to electric buses by 2030 in order to protect the air that our students breathe.

2. Power all our schools through the use of clean renewable solar energy to save money and slow climate change.

3. Make all our school buildings more energy efficient in order to lower costs.

4. Create a climate change/sustainability curriculum for our students to prepare them for the future.

5. Dedicate resources to help manage funding of this transition.

We appreciate all of the time and energy that the City Schools of Decatur personnel and School Board invest in taking care of the children in our community. We are asking that you take responsible actions now to help ensure that they will have a healthy and livable community in the future. They will thank you for your courage and foresight.