Close the Loophole that allows hunters to kill endangered wildlife

Ivonne Higuero, Secretary General of CITES

Trophy hunting is cruel, immoral, and it’s killing endangered wildlife.

- Over the past decade, up to 1.7 million “trophies” have been taken of wild animals by hunters. Around 200,000 of these were of species threatened with extinction.

- Humanity does not have the right to take the lives of animals for its own entertainment. Trophy Hunting is cruel and archaic. It belongs in the past alongside other social evils such as slavery and apartheid.

- Endangered species today face many threats. The unnecessary killing of healthy animals solely for so-called “sport” puts dangerous pressure on dwindling populations and gene pools.

CITES currently allows the killing of endangered animals as 'trophies'. We believe this is wrong and are calling for the treaty to be amended and to BAN trophy hunting.

To: Ivonne Higuero, Secretary General of CITES
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We demand that the 'loophole' in international conservation law that allows trophy hunters to kill the world’s most endangered animals must be closed immediately.

- It is unacceptable that Trophy Hunting is exempted from CITES on the grounds that this multi-million dollar industry is classified “non-commercial”.

- Trophy hunting has been shown to provide a cover for ‘poaching’, including of endangered species such as the rhinoceros.

- It is absurd that ‘poaching’ an elephant for its ivory is illegal, but that trophy hunting the same elephant for its ivory is legal.

We, therefore, call on CITES and its members to convene an Extraordinary Meeting to amend the treaty, bring an immediate halt to the trade in trophies of vulnerable and threatened species, and introduce tough penalties for offenders.