Commit to a Charlottesville beyond policing

Charlottesville Community

Marley Nichelle, Locs Image Studio

To the Charlottesville community:

Please sign this solidarity statement to commit to fighting for public safety without policing and building alternatives to the injustice system. This is just the beginning of our campaign to defund the Charlottesville Police Department and build a city beyond policing.

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Charlottesville, VA

To: Charlottesville Community
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We, members of the greater Charlottesville, VA community, commit to building a world beyond policing.

We believe that police put us in danger, and particularly endanger Black, Brown, and Indigenous community members. Police do not keep us safe. We keep us safe.

We commit to creatively visioning and building ways to keep each other safe through meeting basic needs, supporting individual mental health, providing resources for conflict management, and undoing the underlying structures of harm in our society.

In light of the recent uprisings that started in Minneapolis in response to the police murder of George Floyd and the murders of Breonna Taylor and Tony McDade and so many others, we focus now on undoing the racist, anti-Black system of policing. We also continue the mutual aid, community care, and community defense that people in Charlottesville have been practicing for years.

We will keep going from here.