Congress: Drop the charges against Julian Assange!

U.S. Congress

A bipartisan resolution to drop the charges against Julian Assange has just been introduced in the House of Representatives. Democrats and Republicans are joining together and calling out the charges against Julian for what they are-- a threat to free journalism and free speech.

Our movement to protect our First Amendment rights is not partisan. Sign our petition now to urge your representatives to join this effort and condemn the attack on our civil liberties.

We can defend the free press and Julian Assange, but we need your representatives to stand up and do the right thing. Sign our petition and let your representative know how crucial it is that the United States drop its charges against Julian!

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As your constituent, I am urging you to publicly support H. Res. 1175, which reaffirms that newsgathering is a crucial part of our free society and is protected by the First Amendment. The resolution also calls for the government to drop charges against publisher Julian Assange.

This resolution is important to me because the use of the Espionage Act against a journalist threatens the free press that helps make our country so great.

The administration’s attempt to criminalize journalism sets a dangerous precedent. I ask that you stand up and support the First Amendment and call on the administration to drop the charges against Assange. Please keep our free press free!