City of Austin, we urge you to approve the "Congress For All" community plan to help Congress Avenue recover from the pandemic and create a world class public space for all.

Austin City Council

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Congress Avenue between Cesar Chavez Street and the State Capitol is known as the Main Street of Texas. And yet, Congress has never been the thriving destination it should be. We need a bold plan to transform Congress Avenue into a world class public space.

The Congress For All plan will transform Congress through 4 steps:

1. Let businesses expand into parking spaces
2. Create protected bike lanes
3. Double sidewalk width to prioritize space for people
4. Redesign Congress between 7th and 11th as a regular car-free space

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For Austin to fully recover from the pandemic, Congress Avenue must recover. But COVID-19 has decimated Congress Avenue; and let's face it, Congress had already been struggling for many years.

It's time for a bold plan to remake Congress that brings people back and helps get businesses back on their feet. Congress For All is that plan. CFA would let businesses expand into parking spaces, double sidewalk widths, install protected bike lanes, and try out Congress between 7th and 11th Streets as an occasional car-free plaza.

Not so long ago, this plan might have been too bold. But since the pandemic, cities have done incredible things with their streets and now remaking Congress is exactly what the times call for.

Please approve Congress For All and lets finally have the Main Street of Texas that we deserve.