Congress: Move forward, not backward, on financial reform

U.S. Congress

Wall Street is hoping that the over $1.4 billion they poured into lobbying and campaign contributions this election cycle is going to buy them new dereguation -- whether it comes in the lame duck, tucked onto a year-end funding bill, or in the next Congress. That’s why we need members of Congress to hear from us, and let them know that we won’t stand for new deregulation for Wall Street, or attacks on the good work of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau safeguarding Americans from financial scams.

To: U.S. Congress
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Dear Members of Congress:

We are counting on you to oppose any attack the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and to oppose any attempts to loosen the rules for Wall Street and the financial industry. Congress must take a strong stand for a fairer, more transparent and safer financial system, and oppose attack on Dodd-Frank and financial reform, whether they come through the government funding process, or in the next Congress.