Contamination of I-49 Connector Right of Way in Lafayette

Mayor President Joel Robideaux, P.O. Box 4017-C, Lafayette, LA 70502

Proposed pre-construction and construction activities for the I-49 Connector in the old railyard property known to contain hazardous waste pose a threat to the health and property of the citizens of Lafayette. Further, these activities could shift future financial liability and costs for cleanup from the railroad to the taxpayers. In light of this threat, we urge you, the citizens and taxpayers, to sign our petition, and stay involved.

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To: Mayor President Joel Robideaux, P.O. Box 4017-C, Lafayette, LA 70502
From: [Your Name]

I've learned from Consolidated Companies, Inc. vs Union Pacific Railroad Company, case#06-30570 (US Court of Appeals 5th Cir. 2007) that the land between Taft and Jefferson Streets, from the railroad tracks to the Evangeline Throughway was actively contaminated from 1875-1964. To dig pilings into this enduring hazardous material, as per currently proposed 1-49 Connector plans will be providing conduits for accelerated movement of the contamination.

I also have been made aware of enduring, unmitigated contamination at the site of the former LUS Grant Street Utility Plant (active 1897-1951).

The 149 connector plans show underpasses at 2nd/3rd, Simcoe, Jefferson and Johnston Streets which would require disturbing these toxic contamination sites. We ask that this be addressed by your administration before proceeding with DOTD's elevated connector along this footprint.

Our city leaders have had over 60 years to address this threat sitting over our drinking water source, The Chicot Aquifer.

We hope you will take on the challenge!