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We are in a Climate Emergency, with climate change impacts already killing people and destroying ecosystems. The 900+ local councils globally that have declared a Climate Emergency and are developing climate emergency action plans for their community are providing the first ray of hope in an otherwise frightening time.

One council might feel they can't save the planet alone, but many councils all working to restore a safe climate can achieve a lot.

Please sign our petition asking the [council name] to declare a Climate Emergency and take all the actions they can to protect our future.

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We the undersigned, do hereby petition the [name] Council to:
• declare that we face a Climate Emergency that requires urgent action from all levels of government, including local councils, and
• develop an action plan to make council operations and the entire local community carbon neutral (then net carbon-negative) as quickly as possible, and
• pressure the State and Federal governments to declare a Climate Emergency and mobilise the resources necessary to protect all people, species, and eco-systems.