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Ahead of the local elections on 6 May 2021 we're asking candidates for councillor across England to put their name to our pledge promising to support pilots of Universal Basic Income.

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The Pledge

The pandemic has shown that our welfare system is not fit for purpose. Millions of people have fallen through the gaps in the government's support packages. Families across country are facing poverty and hardship for the first time.

Towns and cities across the UK are struggling to rebuild from the pandemic, while millions of people continue to be excluded or unfairly disadvantaged by inadequate support schemes.

We cannot go on like this.

We urgently need to strengthen our welfare system so it guarantees security for all. The creation of a Universal Basic Income (UBI) – a regular and unconditional cash payment to every person – could be a key part of the solution.

A Basic Income would provide financial stability for all, giving everyone the resources they need to thrive. It would transform our social security system with a scheme fit for the 21st century – one that would allow everyone to develop their talents.

A Basic Income would allow us to build resilience into our communities. It would create the investment we need to revitalise our towns and cities, and allow everyone to maximise their potential, shape their own lives and spend time contributing to their communities.

It could be our generation’s NHS.

Cities around the world, from Catalonia to California, are trying out Basic Income. Many have found that a guaranteed income allows their citizens to live happier, healthier and more secure lives.

30 councils across the UK, plus the Welsh Senedd, have now passed motions calling for a pilot in their areas, and the Scottish Government have funded a world-leading feasibility study into what pilots could look like.

Now is the time to build on this momentum.

We need to develop and test alternatives that can help everyone before the next crisis hits.

As a councillor, I will:

- Support calls to pilot Basic Income in my community

- Lobby government for the powers to pilot Basic Income

- Work cross-party with other councillors to call for a new economic settlement which includes piloting a Basic Income