DA O'Malley Charge the Officers Who Killed Mario Gonzalez

District Attorney Nancy O'Malley

On April 19, 2021 Alameda Police killed Mario Gonzalez, a 26 year old Oakland resident and father. The officers' bodycam footage shows officers on top of Mario for five minutes while he lay face down on the ground.

Alameda County District Attorney Nancy O'Malley has opened an investigation but under her watch, only one police officer has ever been charged. The DA has seen the footage and she has all the evidence she needs to bring charges. If Mario had been killed by anyone other than law enforcement, criminal charges would have been filed within a few days at the latest.

Demand DA O'Malley bring charges immediately!

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Oakland, CA

To: District Attorney Nancy O'Malley
From: [Your Name]

DA O'Malley,

Mario Gonzalez was just 26 years old and had his whole life ahead of him when police murdered him. He leaves behind his four year old son who must now grow up without a father. He was the primary caretaker for his 22 year old brother who has autism. Mario was an indispensable part of his family and was beloved by many in his community.

Contrary to the original account by Alameda Police Department, the video clearly shows that Mario was murdered by police. For five minutes these men put their body weight and knees on Mario while he was already in handcuffs. Mario lay face down pressed against the ground pleading for his life. This was an egregious act of unnecessary force against an unarmed, nonviolent man. Derek Chauvin was just convicted of all charges for doing exactly the same thing to George Floyd.

We are calling on you to immediately charge all those directly responsible for Mario’s murder. We demand #Justice4MarioG.

Justice now!