Dear President Biden, THIS is how you protect abortion rights >>

President Joe Biden

Last month, six conservative unelected Supreme Court Justices overturned Roe v. Wade, stripping millions of women of their reproductive freedom. This decision was the result of a decades-long effort on the part of Republicans to turn back the clock on women's rights.

Now, it's time for Democrats to rally and organize with the urgency and fortitude that this SCOTUS reversal deserves. We will NOT back down. We will NOT be compliant.

While President Biden’s recent Executive Order was a good first step, it does not go nearly far enough. We're calling on President Joe Biden to take additional actions immediately to continue to protect and expand reproductive rights, increase awareness on abortion care, and protect women's private health care information.

Please join us by filling out the petition below.

– HER Time

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Dear President Biden,

While we are grateful for the first steps you have taken in the Executive Order you signed, there is more that must be done to protect the millions of women whose lives and medical care are now at risk with Roe being overturned.

HER Time—the organization Founded by former Congressmember Katie Hill—is calling for nine actionable steps that the White House can take right NOW to help educate people on abortion care and expand reproductive rights, where possible.

We hope that you act with the urgency that this SCOTUS reversal deserves.

Those eight actions include:

1. Create abortion clinics on federal land
2. Declare a national public health emergency
3. Provide financial resources to individuals who have to travel out-of-state for care
4. Create the position of Reproductive Health Ombudsman at the Department of Health and Human Services
5. Provide paid time off and travel to federal employees needing an abortion
6. Provide clear communication about safe abortion options by expanding the website:
7. Run a public education campaign on Plan C and other abortion care options
8. Increase public education and access to Plan C and other abortion care options via a multi-pronged marketing campaign to include commercials on TV or YouTube, Twitter campaigns, TikTok advocacy influencers, and other marketing-related efforts.