Demand A Fair Impeachment Trial

United States Senate

We need to speak up NOW to stop Senate Republican leadership from rigging President Trump’s impeachment trial.

Already, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has told reporters: "I'm not an impartial juror." Meanwhile, Trump is helping multiple Republican senators fundraise for re-election -- in a clear attempt to buy them off too.

They might not stop there. If he’s left unchecked, McConnell might even try and rush through the trial -- without calling witnesses, hearing evidence, or letting the American people hear the full case against Trump. We can’t stand for this.

Every senator must stand up for a fair impeachment trial that puts our Constitution and the rule of law front and center.

We can’t let Mitch McConnell rig this trial to get Trump off the hook. Add your name today to demand a fair trial -- and we’ll deliver your signatures to key senators >>

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A fair impeachment trial must be:

Honest: Senators must base their decisions only on the evidence -- and cannot under any circumstances accept fundraising help from Trump or coordinate with his defense before or during the trial.

Thorough: The House must be allowed to present its full case -- calling necessary witnesses and allowing all evidence from the impeachment inquiry into the trial record.

Transparent: The American people deserve to see what’s happening, limiting transparency only to protect classified information and whistleblower anonymity.