Demand Advertisers Abandon Jamie Allman, St. Louis Talk Show Host

Advertisers re Jamie Allman on FM NewsTalk 97.1

April 9, 2018 UPDATE:

FOUR companies have pulled their advertising dollars from 97.1FM St. Louis talk radio because of all of our efforts AND Twitter has locked Jamie Allmans account for "violating our rules against abusive behavior".

Please thank: Ruth's Chris Steakhouse - @RuthsChris, The Gellman Team - @TheGellmanTeam, Chesterfield Fence & Deck @ChesterfieldFD and Palm Health - @PalmHealthSTL.

In addition, Twitter has locked Jamie Allman's account for "violating our rules against abusive behavior".


We DEMAND advertisers immediately abandon Jamie Allman on his 97.1 FM St. Louis talk show.  

He has repeatedly attacked David Hogg, a Stoneman Douglas high school gun violence survivor and Parkway School District high school students on social media in the most vile unprofessional manner you can't even imagine.  

Jamie Allman has gone after one group of kids for standing up to the gun lobby and another group of kids in St. Louis for standing up against a "confederate" school board candidate -  teenagers speaking out against hate and who just want to stay alive.

We have the screenshots and believe us, they are cruel and obscene. See the St. Louis Riverfront Times story here.

We demand advertisers stop being complicit. Stop supporting an adult who spews such hate.

We demand companies pull their advertising dollars from a talk show host who harasses kids in public with extreme crass language.

These are our kids. They need us to stand up for them.

In solidarity,

MO State Rep. Stacey Newman



Tweet directly to these advertisers on the Jamie Allman Show and tag @971FMTalk & @ProgWomen. Post on social media everywhere and invite your friends to do the same:

Charter Communications - @GetSpectrum

Vinson Mortage Group - @VinsonMortgage

Michael's Flooring Outlet - @MichaelsFloor93

360 Investment - @360_ira

Amco Ranger - @AmcoRanger

Aphrodite Granite - @aphroditeSTL

Arrowhead Building Supply - @ArrowheadBldg

Banner Construction - @BannerConstruct

The Mitchell Agency (Allstate Insurance) - @Kmitchell_LNL

Clayton Sleep Institute - @DrJoeOjile

Denistry with TLC - @Denistrywtlc, @DrAnnaSmith

Garden View Care Center – 636.489.4116 (no twitter account we can find)

Grasser Electric – 636.441.5200 (no twitter account we can find)

Low Testosterone Institute ("Mantality" Health Clinic) – 314.254.2400 (no twitter account we can find)

Nepute Wellness Center - @Neputewellness

Proctor Drapery & Blinds - @ProctorDrapery

ThrottleNet - @ThrottleNet

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DEMAND that advertisers abandon Jamie Allman for his cruel obscenities targeting high school kids in Parkland FL and St. Louis MO.