Demand Our Leaders Take Action to Protect Hawai`i from Pesticides Now!

Governor Ige, Hawai`i State Legislators, and the Hawai`i Depts. of Agriculture and Health

Demand that Hawai`i's leadership take action now to protect our keiki  and environment from dangerous pesticides!

Did you know?

  • Hawai`i is being used as the testing grounds for five of the largest agrochemical corporations in the world (Monsanto, Syngenta, Dow Chemical, Dupont-Pioneer, and BASF) to research and develop pesticide-tolerant GMO seeds.
  • At least 27 schools in Hawai`i are located within one mile of these research fields and their pesticide drift.  Chlorpyrifos and other brain-harming pesticides were found in air samples of Waimea Canyon Middle School and in water samples of the Kekaha ditch (both near GMO test field sites on Kaua`i). (Learn more)
  • Hair samples taken from Hawai`i children tested positive for up to 39 different pesticides, including "restricted use pesticides" (highly toxic chemicals that are only allowed to be sprayed in the U.S. by certified applicators). (Learn more)
  • Pesticide exposure has been linked to serious diseases and developmental problems for pregnant mothers, developing children and farm workers. (Learn more)
  • Monsanto and these other corporations are fighting hard against county and state regulations that would make them disclose what pesticides they are spraying, and create protection zones around schools, homes and hospitals.  In fact, these companies are currently suing three out of four of our Hawai`i counties to block county laws from being enforced! (Learn more)

Sign now to protect Hawai`i communities from the actions of these global agrochemical giants, and demand action by Hawaii's lawmakers to:

1) Ban Chlorpyrifos Now
2) Require Pesticide Disclosure
3) Mandate Protective Buffer Zones Around Schools, Homes and Hospitals
4) Preserve "County Home Rule"

To: Governor Ige, Hawai`i State Legislators, and the Hawai`i Depts. of Agriculture and Health
From: [Your Name]

We the undersigned Hawai`i residents hereby demand that our State and County government leaders (via executive order, rule making authority or by legislative action) immediately:

1. Ban the use of all products containing the ingredient chlorpyrifos;
2. Require full disclosure of pesticide use by largest users of restricted use pesticides;
3. Require pesticide free 'protection zones' around all schools, hospitals, and homes;
4. Acknowledge and preserve the 'home rule' rights of County governments to protect the health and environment of their citizens.

It is government's duty to protect Hawai`i's people and environment over the corporate interests of multinational corporations who are using Hawai`i's resources for their financial gain.

We demand action now on behalf of the `āina, and current and future generations.