Demand Patients Before Profits

Hartford HealthCare CEO Elliot Joseph, COO Jeffrey Flaks & Board of Directors

The non-profit health network that took over and operates three community hospitals in Eastern Connecticut is putting profits ahead of patient care. Hartford HealthCare (HHC) management has threatened to cut -- and even eliminate -- vital services as well as the jobs of direct patient caregivers at Windham, Backus and Natchaug Hospitals.

The CEO of HHC announced in June the planned shut down of access to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), Critical Care Unit (CCU), Sleep Center, and Wound Care Center at Windham Hospital. He also threatened to lay-off more than 300 full-time caregivers throughout the network -- 119 alone in Windham.

At the same time, HHC executives have been taking home excessive compensation packages that fly in the face of public claims that state budget cuts are forcing painful cuts. HHC awarded nearly $13 million in bonuses and incentives to 18 of its top administrators, including Windham Hospital’s president, in the most recent year data is available.

Tell HHC leadership that CEOs and top executives of our community hospitals should lead by example, not cut vital services and make inequality worse.

Click here to download a version of the petition you can print and circulate at your workplace and in your community.

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To: Hartford HealthCare CEO Elliot Joseph, COO Jeffrey Flaks & Board of Directors
From: [Your Name]

We are concerned that you are putting profits ahead of patients in Eastern Connecticut.

We believe it is wrong for Hartford HealthCare to prioritize cutting vital services and direct patient caregivers at our community hospitals while allowing millions in bonuses and incentives to be handed out to your executives.

Our community is standing together and we demand that Hartford HealthCare leadership put patients before profits.