Demand that Walmart ensure basic safety and human rights of its workers

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Jason Rosenbaum
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Santa Monica, California
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Walmart must take
responsibility, make amends, and act to prevent future tragedies.

What happened to the workers at the factory fire in
Bangladesh was caused by the same disrespect and disregard for human rights
that Walmart shows workers here in the US.  These are the tragic and avoidable consequences that result
from an unrelenting effort to shave off a few more pennies in the supply chain.
Walmart is responsible for the conditions it forces throughout its supply chain
regardless of the number of middlemen. The same solutions are required here in
the US, in Bangladesh, and everywhere that Walmart shapes the circumstances of

Make amends to
survivors and the families of victims.  Pay immediate and full compensation to family members of
those who died at the equivalent of lifetime lost pay, and pay survivors
compensation based on lost earning ability and medical expenses.

Act to prevent future
by signing on to the Bangladesh Fire and Building Safety Agreement
which has been initiated by Bangladeshi and international labor unions and NGOs
and signed onto by PVH (owner of Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger) and German
retailer Tchibo. The program includes independent inspections, public reporting,
mandatory repairs and renovations, a central role for workers and unions in both
oversight and implementation, supplier contracts with sufficient financing and adequate
pricing, and a binding contract to make these commitments enforceable.

Take responsibility
for the safety of workers by paying prices to suppliers at a level that makes
it possible for them to meet basic safety standards and provide a basic level
of human dignity.