Demand transparency for Trump’s COVID-19 spending

U.S. Congress

President Trump and his team are supposed to be distributing crucial COVID-19 relief funds to help everyday Americans through this public health and financial crisis.

But instead -- they’re spreading corruption, enriching giant corporations, muzzling the truth, and rewarding their mega-donor allies.

That’s right: instead of making sure ordinary Americans are safe, secure, and cared for during this global crisis -- Trump has exploited the situation to create an unaccountable, trillion-dollar slush fund to hand out to private special interests. We’re demanding that Congress respond by passing the CORE Act.

This vital legislation would enforce stronger oversight of and accountability for the Trump administration. It’d ensure that the taxpayer dollars allocated for COVID-19 relief don’t serve the wealthy and well-connected -- at the expense of the American people.

Specifically, the bill...
- Prohibits conflicts of interest: fully vets for potential bias among anyone distributing COVID-19 relief funds -- whether they’re contractors, advisors, or White House staff;
- Empowers and protects independent watchdogs: requires that Inspectors General can only be fired for cause -- not as retaliation for doing their jobs;
- Protects whistleblowers: strengthens safeguards for those who call out waste, fraud, or abuse in the administration’s spending;
- Improves transparency for bailout funds: allows everyone to see where bailout money is going -- to make sure it’s supporting everyday Americans, not major corporations and special interests;
- And implements dozens of other provisions to hold Trump and his administration accountable.

This is a commonsense bill -- and it may be the only way to end Trump’s war on legitimate, independent oversight. Otherwise, he won’t stop until there isn’t a single White House watchdog left.

Add your name to urge Congress to pass the CORE Act -- and demand transparency and accountability for COVID-19 relief spending.

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There have already been multiple corruption scandals in the Trump administration’s distribution of trillions of dollars of COVID-19 relief funding. Major corporations have gotten money set aside for small businesses... high-level staff have refused to disclose where funds are going... and Trump had the independent watchdog tasked with overseeing the process removed, without explanation.

We can’t let Trump and his administration use taxpayer money -- allocated by Congress to help everyday Americans through this public health crisis -- to quietly bail out special interests. That’s why Congress must pass the Coronavirus Oversight and Recovery Ethics (CORE) Act.