Demanding Apology from PGCPS Deputy Superintendent and CEO

Dr. Monique Davis (PGCPS Deputy Superintendent) and Dr. Kevin Maxwell (PGCPS CEO)


As an educator in our public school system, I recognize wholeheartedly the importance of uplifting children, motivating them to always do their best, and then celebrating those accomplishments. The last people that we would ever think would bully, intimidate, and suppress our youth would be educators. However, on Wednesday May 31st, two members of Oxon Hill High School's Student Government Association, Monet Key-Passmore and Destiny Richardson, were publicly humiliated after their microphones were cut off by Dr. Monique Davis (Deputy Superintendent) when invited to speak by PGCPS BOE member Edward Burroughs at their high school graduation. Additionally, Dr. Davis threatened the students not to speak anymore and intimidated them by charging in their direction and staring at them in an uncomforting manner. Mr. Burroughs received permission in advance from Oxon Hill High School administration that he could lend his speaking time to those students who were left off the program. These students would still stay within the allotted presentation time and thus, not interfere with the rest of the program.

Dr. Monique Davis's actions were inexcusably appalling and turned what could be these students greatest academic achievements into complete nightmares filled with tears and public embarrassment. I am demanding that Dr. Monique Davis and Dr. Kevin Maxwell issue an apology to the two scholars, Monet Key-Passmore and Destiny Richardson. There is no reason for this incident to have occurred on what was supposed to be a joyous occasion of happiness and celebration. For Monet Key-Passmore and Destiny Richardson, their graduations were a disaster.

I ask that you sign this petition. There is no place for bullying, intimidation, and humiliation in our public schools. Stand with me as we fight against this travesty.

All the best,

Arun Puracken

PGCPS Educator

Petition by
Arun Puracken
Bowie, Maryland

To: Dr. Monique Davis (PGCPS Deputy Superintendent) and Dr. Kevin Maxwell (PGCPS CEO)
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Dr. Davis,

Your actions on Oxon Hill High School's graduation day left two students feeling bullied and intimidated. You abused your power as Deputy Superintendent and deprived these two SGA Officers of speaking to their peers on the grandest stage. WE are demanding a formal apology to Monet Key-Passmore and Destiny Richardson. Our students in PGCPS deserve better.

All the best,

Arun Puracken