Do NOT Rezone MESH Apartments Without Addressing Tenant Demands

Mayor Steve Adler and Austin City Council

The MESH Apartments are located along Town Lake Circle and Elmont Drive in the rapidly changing East Riverside Neighborhood of Austin, TX.  They are slated to be rezoned, which could result in the demolition of our homes. We, MESH tenants, have been largely left out of the rezoning process. With housing prices on the rise in Austin, there are no guarantees we will be able to find housing in the area or in a similarly well-situated neighborhood with rent levels comparable to the ones we have been paying at MESH, should the apartments be redeveloped.

The MESH properties are owned by FBZ Town Lake Circle through a web of limited partnerships. They acquired the properties from 2013 to 2016. In June of 2018, the owners applied to rezone the properties to Corridor Mixed Use, allowing them to build bigger, taller, denser buildings with increased commercial and retail activity.

The owners have indicated they plan to demolish the existing 244 units and replace them with buildings which will be up to 120 ft and comprise of 924 units.  Currently, tenants living at the MESH apartments have no written guarantees that we will receive any kind of protection or benefits.

Concerned tenants do not want the rezoning to go through because of the threat of gentrification and displacement, and the trend of rising housing costs in the area. Together we have organized the MESH Tenants Association to demand protections and guarantees should the rezoning be approved by Austin City Council. We are working to make sure that our concerns are prioritized in any redevelopment.

Petition by
MESH Tenants
Austin, Texas

To: Mayor Steve Adler and Austin City Council
From: [Your Name]

We ask that you not approve any rezoning request of Town Lake Circle I & II (MESH Apartments) if there is no written agreement from the developer that lays out protections and benefits for existing MESH tenants to the satisfaction of the MESH Tenants Association.