Does Cornell Care?

Cornell University

We the undersigned are concerned about a sustainable community in Ithaca New York.

  • • We understand Cornell University previously chose EdR, a large out of state real estate developer, to construct and manage a new student housing complex known as the “Maplewood Apartments.”
  • • We understand Cornell University failed to require that EdR utilize local construction workers, companies, and vendors.
  • • We understand EdR and its out of town contractors had several problems during the construction process including: OSHA safety fines, multiple inspection failures, and New York State Department of Labor investigations.
  • • We understand EdR failed to meet construction deadlines, resulting in approximately 100+ students having to start the school year in a hotel instead of the Maplewood Apartments.

Cornell University and EdR’s failures on the Maplewood Project have resulted in a nuisance for students and the community at large. By turning their backs on local workers, venders and construction companies, Cornell University and EdR have NOT contributed to a sustainable community for Ithaca, NY.

As a Petitioner, I ask that Cornell University, on any future student housing project, require the construction be performed by local skilled trade’s workers, companies, and vendors.

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