Don't Get Yanked into War With China

The governments of independent nations not obliged (and legally not permitted) to join in another U.S. war

We people and organizations the world over support the following petition.

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To: The governments of independent nations not obliged (and legally not permitted) to join in another U.S. war
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We people and organizations the world over, including in the United States and China, urge governments of the world not to allow themselves to be dragged into supporting U.S. threats of war against China, which violate the United Nations Charter.

We implore sensible independent legislators not to swallow the propaganda. China, like every other government on the planet, has serious flaws, none of which legally, morally, or practically justify threats of war or build-up of armaments for war, and none of which might be expected to improve (quite the reverse) as a result of such threats.

China spends on its military some 14% of what the United States and its allies and weapons customers spend. China is not the nation that has been waging endless wars and building countless bases around the world. China has been investing more heavily in eradicating poverty and confronting environmental collapse. China needs, as every nation needs, to do much more of that. The nations of the world need to act cooperatively.

The relentless U.S. push for militarization and threats of war should not be given cover any longer by international partners, coalitions, or alliances. Criminal activities should be shunned and isolated even if U.S. veto power prevents international bodies from holding those responsible to account.

No one knows whether COVID came from a laboratory or its researchers, but we do know that that work was internationally funded, supported, and engaged in. We do know that China has provided a useful model for handling pandemics that other nations have failed to follow.

No longer can we tolerate childish accusations and hatred aimed at selling weaponry and political careers. No longer can we risk nuclear apocalypse and divert our resources from protecting the Earth.

We express our concern and affection, our brotherhood and sisterhood, for the people of China, the United States, and the rest of the planet, and for all the other living beings on Earth whose fate can be impacted by the recklessness of those who would profit from yet more organized killing.